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Silver Needle

Jasbire Tea Estate

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Mellow aftertaste of ripe toasted bananas and the goodness of the morning Himalayan spring dew drops, with a pale yellow liquor

Taste & Flavor

These shy silver needles generally carry the character of the exotic environment where they are grown showing elegance in simplicity and purity. They vary from village to village depending on varied soils of Nepal.

The silver needle usually is a post spring picking. The buds come from a china hybrid variety, with enough shiny hairs and grown at altitudes more than 1500 meters above sea level in the eastern Districts of Nepal, especially in Ilam, Dhankuta and Panchthar.

The buds are the first and the finest pickings, from bushes those are pruned half way through the stems, during the winter months. This enables the bushes to produce lavish and fresh vegetation during the spring. The buds appear to be shiny and lush in the field itself, allowing to be plucked at the advent of its pubescence.


Hand-picked with great care, the silver needles are let to oxidize at temperature below 15˚C while blowing soft air from underneath till it is naturally dried to its optimum, while retaining its silvery hairs.

It is then baked in low temperatures until crisp while a ‘hayish’ (straw) fragrance or aroma is emitted from the dry buds.


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