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Pearl Black

Jasbire Tea Estate

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Bright orange liquor, cocoa, caramel, creamy

Taste & Flavor 

These teas reveal an aromatic earthy first note with a cocoa and caramelized sugar finish and a soft creamy mouthfeel. Although the colour of the dry leaves is black, they give a wonderful visual appearance and a bright clean orange colour of the liquor leaves a remarkable memory.


Two to three leaves and a bud are generally considered to make Pearl Black Tea. Leaves those are mature enough to withstand rigorous shaping and hardy hybrid cultivars of Camellia Sinensis and Assamica are picked at longer intervals of 10-12 days. Tea bushes from Southern and Eastern aspects of the Himalayan Hills of Nepal are ideal for the leaves that contribute to special characteristics of Black Pearl tea.


The leaves are withered for a definite period of time with conditioned air, rolled softly and shaped into small pellets or half ball shape pellets. The size of these pellets differs occasionally as the growing season of the leaves progresses. It is difficult to maintain an even size and entirely depends on the skill of the tea maker. The even pearls contribute to a better clarity in liquor and a stable flavor is revealed.



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