Specialty teas from the small tea farmers of Nepal now available in USA & Australia

Why Discover Nepal Tea?


The Himalayas, with its unique climate and geography is an excellent environment for tea cultivation.  The deep-rooted tea bushes are able to conserve the rich minerals of the high elevation Himalayan soils. The majestic Himalayas with its dazzling white beds of snow influences the local weather by inviting rain, misty climate and mingled fogs; all gently nurturing the mountain floors to grow high-quality tea leaves in nature’s purest form. 


Nepal’s discovery of this rich soil for high quality tea cultivation has increased awareness of the potential of this next cash crop. High altitude, diversified agro-ecology, pollution free environment, unique biodiversity and abundance of natural resources, virgin organic soil and mineral waters in hills and mountains allow Nepali farmers to produce numerous cultivars of teas. 

Tea growing is an excellent option for these huge, towering, mountainous hills. If global tea drinkers and connoisseurs can discover these superior quality teas, this emerging specialty tea industry can generate extra disposable income to Nepali tea farmers, who are not only the main actors but also the most vulnerable link in the tea production chain. 



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