Specialty teas from the small tea farmers of Nepal now available in USA & Australia

Sakhejung Tea

Kanchanjungha Organic Orthodox Tea Industry has been processing high Himalayan specialty orthodox tea from Sakhejung, Nepal, which is a leading specialty tea industry since two decades. The tea industry is located in the Sakhejung Village of Illam district at Himalayan foothills for eco-friendly growing one of the finest teas in the world. The tea is grown by more than 200 small hardworking tea growers associated with Lekali Agriculture Co-Operative Ltd. and other three small Organic tea farmers group of Sakhejung village. It is tough to grow this tea in the Himalayas.Teas around this regionĀ are planted at high altitudes, ranging from 6000 ft to 6500 ft from the sea level. This, together with the fertile soil and the diverse climate are the key factors that contribute to the unique aroma and character of the tea. The small hardworking tea growers of Sakhejung have amazingly adapted to the circumstances and have learned the methods of producing tea both agriculturally and industrially.

In Nepal, small producers are now receiving visits from international buyers willing to buy high quality specialty tea directly from their processing unit and Kanchanjungha Organic Orthodox Tea industry is one of the best destination among specialty tea lovers. By supporting small tea growers, we can ensure sustainability from cup to cup.

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