Specialty teas from the small tea farmers of Nepal now available in USA & Australia

Replace AID with TRADE

Certain geographic areas and demographic populations don’t have access to online trade and are thus excluded from global business trade. Discover Nepal Tea is committed to actively engage these Nepali tea farmers and ensure their inclusion in Nepal’s tea industry and abroad. One of our goal is to connect Nepali tea farmers to global markets and help them attract customers who value and seek the organic tea they provide.


These growers’ and processors’ hard work cannot pay off without a healthy trade. With donor programs phasing out and no guarantee of future foreign funds, “Replace AID with TRADE” is an alternative to develop a sustainable economy. The tea bushes sowed by the farmers will only then have a long-lasting result.Nepali tea farmers no longer need aid. Their investment, with the donor-funded program, has transformed the tea industry and transitioned small tea growers into small tea processors. However, their continued evolution and ultimate success hinge on developing the ability to trade their product, beyond just India. They should be able to introduce their superior tea to the world market. 

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