Specialty teas from the small tea farmers of Nepal now available in USA & Australia

Farmers into Entrepreneurs


Small farmers and processors are driving the rapid growth of the Nepali tea industry.  Where once only cows, yak, and sheep roamed, farmers are transforming these barren lands into productive tea plantations. 

Introducing the small farmers and sharing their stories to the outside world, the time is ready for all supporters to discover why "Only good teas can come from the Himalayas"


With young tea bushes yielding excellent leaf quality, farmers are now positioned to harvest their young tips, producing the finest specialty teas. 

These teas are not mass produced but hand processed in smaller amounts, making them rare and exotic. These teas are primarily grown and processed by small-scale farmers at their own well-equipped mini facilities. The unique taste and aroma are a direct result of processing skills and expertise.

With such strong foundations, a compelling story, and exotic production, Nepali tea farmers are now ready for a payoff as they have laid the groundwork for increased trade. Moving their trade to  a global market will empower them to get a jump start through this cash crop.   

However, rampant illiteracy and inaccessibility to connected supply chains have denied Nepali tea farmers the much-needed access to international markets. By contrast, teas grown in nearby Darjeeling, India, with similar geographical and topographical conditions, are world famous and sought by all. 

Through the support of USAID, DANIDA  and a few other donors over the last decade, Nepali tea farmers have been helped with improved technologies and infrastructure setups. These farmers were also given special training in organic production, quality improvement, and manufacturing techniques. 

With several mini processing units established by a funding mechanism between small tea farmers and donor organizations, the need for green leaves has surged. Green tea leaves are in huge demand, giving the growers more bargaining power. This is a huge step forward for the tea farmers of Nepal. 

Introducing the small farmers and sharing their stories to the outside world, the time is ready for all supporters to Discover Nepal Tea and get to know why "Only good teas can come from the Himalayas"



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