Specialty teas from the small tea farmers of Nepal now available in USA & Australia

Only Good Teas come from the Himalayas

High quality, farmer-source teas that offer a unique taste experience

Certain geographic areas and demographic populations don’t have access to online trade and are thus excluded from global business trade. By engaging directly, from farming to processing to markets, we help them seize the opportunities.

Small Tea Farmers

A compelling story and exotic production

Direct Source

Connecting Small Tea Farmers

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We bring Nepal tea to your door

A unique tea experience

The Himalayas, with its unique climate and geography is an excellent environment for tea cultivation.  The deep-rooted tea bushes are able to conserve the rich minerals of the high elevation Himalayan soils. 

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Farmer's to Entrepreneurs

Small farmers and processors are driving the rapid growth of the Nepal tea industry.  Where once only cows, yak, and sheep roamed; farmers are transforming these barren lands into productive tea plantations. With young tea bushes yielding excellent leaf quality, farmers are now positioned to harvest their young tips, producing the finest specialty teas. 

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